Voice Energy

Discover the amazing power of your voice!

Voice Energy

Discover the amazing power of your voice and start to improve it right now!

In this online course you will learn how to use your voice with confidence and feel at ease in front of an audience whether you are speaking or singing. You will learn powerful breathing techniques, discover resonance and sound qualities of your voice as well as how to be in tune with your body and your mind.

You will get exercises to train, warm-up and stretch your voice and learn how to connect with your audience. You will also discover how your body and mind influence your voice - and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Who is it for?

This course is people who are nervous about public speaking or singing in front of others and would like feel more confident about their voice and generally more connected to who they are as a speaker/singer.

How long is it?

You can can do this course completely according to your own schedule. I recommend to take about 4 weeks for it, so you keep the momentum.

Do I need any prior training?

No. This course is for beginners, who are completely new to voice training - but it is also for people who have had some training, but would like to explore the ways our minds and bodies can increase the potential of our voices.

How long do I have access?

From the day of purchase you have 6 months access to the whole of the course.

Can I ask you a question directly about this course?

Yes, absolutely! Just send an email to [email protected]

I look forward to hear from you <3

Watch this video to find out more about this course!

You will learn a lot and become more confident. The teacher is opening your mind and encouraging everyone to explore his/her voice. With her knowledge you will understand the important role of your body (head, chest, belly, throat, mouth) when singing or speaking but also that you need to put your soul into your song.

- Virginia

It's absolutely worth to do it and discover new things about our voice, the techniques of improving it and how to change old beliefs and attitudes. The instructor, Sonja, is very a knowledgeable person, and the course is not limited to speaking and singing techniques. Thanks to her general education, she introduces information from other fields, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc. She is a very humble person and thanks to her positive mindset and smile, she communicates all of her knowledge in a practical, interesting and supportive way. The course is excellent and I really recommend it to everybody (individuals and companies) who want to take full advantage of their voice as a tool.

- Pelagia

Sonja is an excellent professional voice and speaking coach, who I can definitively recommend! She offers innovative and tailor-made solutions and tools to reach your specific objectives. It is a real pleasure working with her.

- Steffie

Your Instructor

Sonja Nannan
Sonja Nannan

I love energizing and engaging people. I love communicating and singing. And I love coaching and training.

I offer out-of-the-box solutions for people to become more confident about communicating. I share and transmit my passion for expression and encourage my clients to experiment with their voices.

I train my clients important skills in order to communicate better and feel more at ease in front of an audience, whether it's for singing or speaking.

I am a singer, singing teacher, certified business coach and trainer and hold a Masters' degree in Social & Cultural Anthropology and Spanish Linguistics from the University of Vienna. I speak German, English, French and Spanish fluently and my former clients include international companies like DHL, Abbvie, GlaxoSmithKline, Mastercard and Procter&Gamble as well as the institutions of the European Union.