Sensational Public Speaking Guide

5 energizing ways to rock your next presentation

Your voice is an integral part of who you are - how you communicate with the world, how you present yourself, how you say what you have to say - or don’t say something.

The tone of your voice can either convey confidence or insecurity, it can be “in tune” with how you feel or the complete opposite.

It can help you convince people that what you have to say is true or make them doubt your sincerity.

It can be a source of joy and energy or utter frustration, if you don’t know how to use it.

Your voice is also a part of your body and therefore influenced by emotional, intellectual and physiological factors.

That's where I come in.

After having coached and trained hundreds of clients and students over the past 17 years, I have developed a unique coaching program for your voice that will not only teach you how to use your voice correctly, but also help you have a clear message, trust yourself and feel confident whenever you speak.

I will give you tools to develop your personal and authentic communication style, deal successfully with nerves, anxiety or even stage fright and prepare amazing speeches and presentations that will boost your career.

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Thank you very very much!! I'm now paying much more attention to the "voice etiquette" and methods you taught in day-to-day situations, plus it gave a good impulse to improve other areas of my life :) I am aware mastering public speaking is a long-term process for me, but this training is the first time I feel I made progress on this! :)” Lara, public policy manager.

“I had two important presentations last week and both of them went well thanks to your coaching sessions :). I am really happy about the progress I made. It was a pleasure working with you.” Bettina, public relations officer.

“Thank you Sonja for everything! I will remember for very long what you have taught me !!! :-)I did not realize the coaching would go further than voice coaching only, which in the end helped me to reach my goals by taking into account the bigger picture. I have also learned a lot about self-branding which I did not realize would be offered as well. “ Sylvie, competition lawyer.

Your Instructor

Sonja Nannan
Sonja Nannan

I'm Sonja - and I am so happy you are here!

I am a voice and presence coach and I believe that your true and authentic voice is synonymous with your true and most authentic self.

When you become present to who you truly are, connect to your joy, your true life's purpose, and your highest self, showing up for your audience becomes a game.

I help creative souls who struggle to share their voice, feel disconnected, or fearful of showing up as their true self - whether that is live, on social media, on video or audio recordings. I help them unblock their voice from fear, conditioning, and the need to impress others, so they can wholeheartedly embrace who they really are and confidently show up for their audience.

After a lifetime of trying to perfect my voice in order to "sound and look confident", I learned that the true path towards voice confidence doesn't lead through perfecting something and making ourselves feel like we "should" sound a certain way.

True confidence comes from letting go of our egos, connecting to our true essence, and giving ourselves the space to be heard.

Coaching and guiding others is my true passion as well as making music, spending time with my family and soaking in the many different languages and cultures that inhabit my chosen hometown of Brussels, Belgium.

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